Teach and disseminate a procedure in record time with VR

Our solution is revolutionary. It allows you to train your employees in new procedures or technical maneuvers remotely, without physically exposing them to risks.

Our innovative video capture system lets us offer videos that reconstruct the first-person point of view of professionals.

When you put on the virtual reality headset, you are in their place, and their hands are yours!

This new point of view has many benefits, especially with regard to increasing accident awareness: it doubles the retention rate, improves memorization of situations, and is better accepted by employees.

They USE the Revinax Solution

The Advantages of the Revinax Solution

A retention rate twice that of traditional devices

Rest assured that new hires can start their jobs more quickly and immediately absorb the primary safety instructions.

A library of good practices 

Our solution is accessible on any device (tablet, PC, smartphone, VR headset, augmented reality glasses, etc.). It is the ideal tool for quickly and broadly disseminating technical know-how to your teams: new arrivals as well as existing personnel.

production time

We break important steps of the procedure into chapters, and add videos, texts, QCM, according to your needs. In less than a month, we create a month we create a complete immersive experience for you.

How Does It Work?

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The Revinax solution can be deployed on any subject. Discover the fields in which it can be used.
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Today, nearly 100 companies use the Revinax solution.
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