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Revinax Handbook: this is the name of the mobile app developed by Revinax for students and healthcare professionals. The goal: to provide an ultra-complete catalog of immersive tutorials to learn, review and maintain technical care skills.

Wherever and whenever you are, slip into the shoes of an experienced health professional and experience the performance of general care procedures, surgical procedures and anesthesia, emergency care procedures and AFGSU. More than 90 tutorials are currently available and new ones are added regularly.

These contents are accessible 24/7 via tablet or smartphone (with or without cardboard).

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"I’m really glad today that I was a Certified Nurse’s Aide and then a Registered Nurse before specializing in surgical nursing. But I have to say, it wasn’t always easy. The sheer amount of the technical procedures and caregiving steps we had to memorize and know how to perform quickly was such that I regularly found myself working under pressure and needing to control my stress. Between observing a procedure, doing it with someone, and then doing it alone... that took a lot of time. It would have been so much simpler and faster to be able to see myself in the shoes of the person who was teaching me, the one who knew how to do the procedure and had been doing it for years! Thanks to new technologies, what wasn’t available to me a few years ago is now within reach. No need to stress over this anymore. TRAIN WITH PEACE OF MIND!"
Sandrine Devors
Surgical nurse and Revinax project head
Kindly & professionaly translated by Michele Hansen
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